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  • "LED Lighting" is the fastest growing Quality Architectural "fibre optic and LED" Specialist Lighting supplier in Australia. We are one of very few specialist "fibre optic" lighting suppliers left in the country, our knowledge and experience in this fields is second to none hence the increase in local Sales and even bigger acceleration in Export Sales mainly of late mainly to the UAE and Asian markets in recent years.

    We specialize in the following Products “Exclusively” and do not deviate into other areas of lighting, we pride ourselves as the best in the business at what we do. BUY from a company you can Trust with over 13 year experience in this very specialized field of lighting. If you are looking for Quality lighting products at reasonably Priced - LOOK NO FURTHER. Find out why Australia’s elite professionals specify and use our products for median to High End Commercial & Residential projects.


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    Our all in one revolutionary Evo50 LED Module is an Australian breakthrough which can retro fit into most existing halogen downlight trims.