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    "LED Lighting" is a Specialized Architectural "fibre optic / LED Lighting" Wholesale Supplier who’s success has grown on the back of our outstanding reputation. We are dedicated in supplying Australian’s what they deserve and that’s above average Quality with extreme versatility an Aesthetic appeal uniquely sold exclusively by us. We have now been established for over 13 years focusing on supplying quality lighting products with our strengths being LED strip lighting, LED profiles & Architectural Quality LED downlights for medium to high end projects. We work tirelessly to remain at the forefront of both (Fibre Optic & LED Lighting technologies) to keep Australia and its population at the cutting edge up and in touch with World class innovation.     
    For more than a decade we have worked "hand in hand" on hundreds of projects assisting Australia's Elite & International Professionals, such as Architects, Electrical Engineers, Lighting Designers, & Interior Designers, assisting them in creating that wow factor. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in this revolutionary exciting time to be involved with Optic Fibre / LED (light emitting diode) technology.

    "LED Lighting" also has a manufacturing arm which custom makes (linear LED strip lighting) luminaries made to measure and pre-wired for Architectural joinery applications used in high rise hotels, Apartments, commercial offices, and the likes. This process makes it a breeze for the installers taking the pain out of the installation having everything pre-wired, labelled, with wiring diagrams ready for installation by the electrical contractors on site.
    Our revolutionary Evo50, K50, & G50 LED modules have become the benchmark in “Architectural Led Downlight” technology. See our New Archi-Lite range of LED strip lighting Profile custom manufactured to your requirements.      
    Take a look at our revolutionary product range which has placed us light years ahead in innovation, design flexibility, & Quality

    LED Mounting Profile

    Archi Lite.jpgOur LED Strip Profile products have captured the Australian market's attention. Our Archi-Lite II Range has sleek unique design lines, extremely versatile, practical and caters for a wide range of applications.

    Featured Products
    LED Downlights

    EVO LED Downlights.jpgOur all in one revolutionary Evo50 LED Module is an Australian breakthrough which can retro fit into most existing halogen downlight trims.