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  • LED Ceiling Panels

    Our Ceiling Light or Panels are a high quality LED alternative to the conventional twin four foot fluorescent troffers.

    They are 0-10V dimmable, light weight, energy efficient, maintenance free fixtures which will revolutionize commercial office lighting forever. They emit NO UV or IR radiation, are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, making these fittings a perfect choice for a variety of commercial and residential applications. The intensity and colour temperature can be altered or dimmed at a press of a button.

    LED Panels

    Are you looking for a superior form of areal lighting for your commercial office or even home?

    Traditional fluorescent lighting has been good for a while but it’s starting to hit its expiry date. Why? Because there is a better form of lighting technology out there that is revolutionising the way people use lighting, and that lighting technology is LED. Specifically, you can use LED panels throughout your entire home, office and/or entire commercial building providing a maintenance free, energy efficient clean crisp look environment. LED panels will aesthetically transpose the areas instantly and bring your workplace into the new electronic lighting era whilst saving electricity which is why LED panels make perfect sense compared traditional conventional lighting.

    Reality is that LED lighting provides a superior form of lighting to any dark room or space. Not only is the lighting it provides superior but so are the other fringe benefits you get with this kind of lighting.

    Specifically, it is far more energy efficient than traditional lighting because it doesn’t require as much electricity to provide all the lighting you need. It is also longer lasting than your traditional forms of lighting.

    These are the kinds of things you should be looking for when you are after a superior form of lighting. Using LED panels in your home you can drastically improve the mood and atmosphere of your home, far more than what traditional lighting could do.

    Your office is where you spend a lot of your time so you want it to be a pleasant place to stay. Every little thing counts in adding to the atmosphere of a home and LED lighting is one of those little things that can make a difference.

    To add to the far superior lighting experience LED lighting provides you will also never have to worry about replacing them as often compared to traditional forms of lighting. It makes the most sense that you would use LED lighting in your home for a variety of reasons.

    If you want the kind of experience that LED lighting provides then consider having LED panels installed in your office / home contact LED Lighting today on 02 9534 4404.