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  • LED Downlights


    Are you looking for quality LED downlights that are energy efficient, have extraordinary design & aesthetic flexible designed specifically for the higher end Australian Architectural market?

    If you are looking for a quality long lasting lighting solution then you cant ignore our quality LED downlights. They are the perfect alternative to convention halogen & compact fluorescent that has dominated for so long.

    Your real bonus with using our Quality LED downlights over any other LED downlights on the market, is that our Evo range of Downlights have the flexibility of changing the physical appearance of each downlight depending on its application or areas being installed at vertically the same price, whilst maintaining the same light output and light quality through a project or home. You also have the flexibility of choosing from 3 different intensity Evo LED light modules or LED Light sources being our G50, K50, & Evo-R10 which offers the professionals such as Lighting Designer, Architect, Electrical Engineer total design flexibility y & performance second to none. We are the only supplier in the country with this One for ALL design experience.

    With over 3 years experience in selling our Quality Evo-50 range to market we have the experience and knowledge to integrate with all Commercial Lighting control systems such as Dynalite & C-BUS whom have already conducted their own tests in which we passed with flying colours. If you want the best LED downlight on the market today, you have found it right here LOOK NO FURTHER. We have set the standards and raised the bar yet another notch keeping ahead of the market, and challenge anyone to prove otherwise. we call it and from one ma kind of lighting is that you get to save money by using them. They are perfect for any situation where you want something different that is quality and quality for both residential and commercial properties. The bottom line for us is to supply a superior lighting solution.

    If youre looking for a Quality LED downlight look no further, we are not in completion with other inferior LED downlight products on the market so please do not compare us with them. There is no better product than our Evo range Look no further, we challenge you to bring to our attentions a better performing LED Down to our attention with the same flexibility and architectural aesthetics as ours. If you want Quality LED downlights then you need to get in touch with us today by calling 02 9534 4404.