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Archi Flex
Archi Flex
08 Oct 2018
8:48 AM
Posted By : LED Lighting
NEW LIGHTING INNOVATION brings the artist of light

LED Archi Flex has been specifically designed as a neon replacement for commercial 

applications where accessibility is restricted, and longevity is a must. It is UV stable and is

IP67 as standard with custom order IP68 available. 

The new LED Archi Flex is a high-quality product designed specifically for high end architectural

applications such as signage and exterior architectural lighting applications, our product was used

to upgrade the iconic Coca-Cola Billboard in Kings Cross, Sydney as shown. This billboard is

currently the largest controllable flexible LED billboard in the southern hemisphere and can be

controlled by hand on a touch screen, by voice or even respond to music; with this new product

the possibilities are endless.

This iconic Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross has used 60 percent less power in the last three years 

than it had in the 39 years prior thanks to new flexible LED technology (a true neon replacement)

yes…This is the real deal; Our Archi Flex is a game changer!

Professional signage design and installation company, Claude Neon, designed and installed the

Coca-Cola sign in 1976 and has maintained and financed it ever since. In 2015, a decision was

made to upgrade the sign’s lighting to Archi Flex, which not only improved efficiencies in energy

usage but had positive financial and environmental impacts as well.

Our Archi Flex LED-AF22 is UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant. Moreover, it has passed

environmental resistance, optical, mechanical and electrical tests in our lab under the support of

advanced experimental equipment and technology to ensure it meets the requirements of harsh

environments. The fully encapsulated flexible PVC chamber utilises consummate extrusion

technology, assembled with multiple patent connectors to achieve IP67 protection. The Archi Flex

is easy to install and suitable for a variety of circumstances. LED-AF22 features particularly high

luminous flux with homogeneous illumination and small bend diameter that can only be bent

along the light surface. 

Archi Flex was the favoured lighting solution for the Coca Cola sign due to the fact that even if a

single LED was to fail, it would have no effect on other LEDs working in the same unit due to its

built-in protection circuit, which works to maintain constant lighting in the whole unit.

Archi Flex is available for your commercial needs too. More common uses for the neon

replacement include (but are not limited to) indoor or outdoor contour/border lighting,

architectural outline/decorative lighting, cove/accent lighting, facade/terrace floor lighting and

display lighting. See our Archi Flex catlogue for further details.

You will find that this lighting solution is energy efficient, easy to install and offers high

illumination. Few companies hold knowledge about Archi Flex but ours is one of them. For more

information, give our team of LED lighting specialists a call on 02 9534 4404 today or email


As it goes, the possibilities really are endless in how this amazing product can be integrated into 

your next project. 

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